Mysterious Ghost 'Song' in Setlist

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I was building a set in Ableset and it is incorrectly including a random “Song” in the list.

There is no locator or MIDI Clip named “Song” in my Live set. I’ve tried deleting it from within Ableset, but it just reappears.

It doesn’t behave like an actual song, meaning I can’t select it, it won’t cue up in auto-play/jump to next song, etc.

Anyone have an idea what is going on?


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  • OSX: Ventura 13.2:
  • Ableset: 2.5.7:
  • Live: 11.3.21:

That’s very strange! Could you send me a log package including your project file so I can try to reproduce this issue on my end and look for a fix? You can create one by opening AbleSet’s status window, clicking the settings icon on the top right, and then selecting “Create Log Package”.

Does this song persist when you restart Ableton and AbleSet?

I’m looking forward to your reply!

Hi Leo, thanks for the response.

I restarted both Live and Ableset and it’s still there.

I created a log package. I cannot include the session as I technically don’t “own” the content and don’t feel comfortable passing it along. Hopefully there’s still helpful information in the package without the session.

Where would you like me to send the log package? Unless there’s a way to attach it here that I am missing (which is possible), Thanks again Leo

Just figured out where Ableset is getting the ‘Song’ from.

There is a section in the session dedicated to doing a line check (pic attached).

It has no locator. It did have an Autostop locator at the end. That’s what AbelSet was interpreting and it automatically named it ‘Song’ (even though there was no beginning locator indicating the beginning of a song).

I’ve removed the autostop locator and the title ‘Song’ has disappeared from the setlist.

However, it’s still messing with Ableset’s functionality with the Streamdeck.

If Live’s playhead is before the first song’s locator (AKA in the Line Check area), it wont let me select any song in the setlist until I manually move the playhead to or past the actual first song’s locator. Hope that makes sense.

The only way to have that section not break the Streamdeck’s functionality is to set a locator/create the song, remove the song from the setlist, then click another song’s button to get out of the blank button that was assigned to the line check’s song. The second picture attached shows that blank button.

I hope all of that makes sense. I can film a video of me demonstrating the issue if need be.

Hey @miikaii, please excuse my late reply! I just managed to reproduce these issues and have implemented a fix. The issues with jumping via Stream Deck always occur when the playhead is inside a song that isn’t part of the setlist.

I’ll release a new beta version with these fixes soon.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or feedback in the meantime :slight_smile: