Mute Ableton Track from Stream Deck

I would like to have a button on my stream deck to mute/unmute my Lead Vocal Track in Ableton. It should work like turning on/off the Looping. I have a hotkey in Ableton to mute and unmute the track, but it doen’t work unless the Ableton window is open.

Any ideas on how I can do this?

You could take a look at AbletonOSC, which is a control surface script that allows you to control various aspects of Live via OSC commands.

In Companion, add a Generic OSC device, set the host to and the port to 11000:

You can now send OSC commands to Live. For example, to mute the 5th track in your set, you could send the command /live/track/set/mute 4 1 with 4 being the 0-based index of the track and 1 telling AbletonOSC to mute the track. To unmute it, send /live/track/set/mute 4 0.

I hope this helps!

I applaud you again. You are great. I did just what you said.
Added Ableton OSC and in Companion Added “AbletonOSC: Send message with multiple arguments” to added button.
Set OSC Path to “/live/track/set/mute” and Arguments to “5 0”
This actually mutes track #6 since ableton tracks start with “0”

I made one button to turn on track and another to turn off track.
Also created a custom variable to show status as “On” or “Off”

Now, I can start singing a song with Lead Vocals on to get me started, then turn them off when ready with a touch of a button.

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I’m glad I could help!

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I sent $200. I really appreciate your great support.
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