Multi-File Projects... keeping video window open?

hey - long time Live user, I’ve been using Ableset happily now for about 1.5 years. a great solution.

our show is expanding - managing in arrangement view is already pretty daunting. not to mention loading the entire set up makes me think… there must be a more efficient way to do this.

now, we have added video to the show. I started exploring the multi-file project feature. it’s actually really clever in my proof-of-concept, and loads the projects on my M1 Pro Macbook plenty fast for our purposes. I’m using Live to project video though, in the ‘Video Window’ onto LED screens on stage. when the next project loads however, I noticed the video window isn’t open, which is a deal breaker for my needs here.

I fully realize this might be a Live issue altogether - with Ableset just being the ‘ringmaster’ and controlling the session. but I wondered if anyone else here has done this? is it possible to somehow keep the video window open (and full screen) across the loading of sessions?

We’re on the same page.
When it comes to video, I’ve been looking for a way (that doesn’t involve using another app like QLab) to keep the video window full size across multi file projects, but I’m afraid that this is 100% on ableton’s side.

Hey @guitargai and @agustinvolpe,

I’ve tried to work around this as well, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a solution that doesn’t involve any third-party software.

If you decide to go for a third-party solution, you might like to try Videosync. This plugin integrates nicely with Live and allows you to use existing video tracks in your project files to output video that’s synced to your timeline.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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@leolabs - interesting. and this would achieve what I’m talking about, allowing video artifacts to display across the loading of different live sets? I might have to try this. thanks!

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@guitargai I use Videosync Intro for when we’re not running timecode to a media computer - can recommend. Haven’t tried it with multi session, but can confirm the window stays open even if the Ableton project is closed/loading a new one. I imagine it’d be a little finnicky in the transition though - either going black or freezing until it catches back up. I’d recommend fading to black using track volume automation before switching songs. There’s a trial you can download that’s watermarked, I’d give it a shot!