Multi-File Project Errors

I’m having an issue with the multi-file mode and I haven’t seen anything talked about it so far. The songs will load the project files but the length of the songs only go to the end of the first cue which for most songs is around a 5 second count in and then it ends. The STOP locator is placed at the end of the song and the 1st Locator is at the beginning there are section locators throughout the song but it stops after the first locator and goes to the next song and continues to go through the entire set list 5-7 seconds at a time. If anyone can help me fix I’d greatly appreciate the help.

  • Mac OS Sonoma 14.5
  • Ableset 2.6.7
  • Ableton Live Suite 12.0

Leo will be in here shortly to help you out, but I’m curious; can you share a pic of how you have your locators set in Ableton? The behavior sounds familiar to me, but want to see if it is what I think it is

Here are the screenshots If I take out every single locator and only leave the song it’ll play the duration of the song but the moment I add any other locators, it will play the song up until the locator inserted and immediately go to the next track.

Thanks for this. Try adding a “>” to the beginning of all the song sections (Intro, verse, interlude, etc.) Don’t add it to the first locator, which I assume is the song title, but ever locator following that (excluding the STOP locator).

For example, where “Among The Way” is the first locator, denoting the beginning of the song (and thus doesn’t need a greater than sign) and “> Verse 1” is the first verse and so on:

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Genius!!! lol I knew it had to be something simple. I couldn’t find anything on this so I figured it was a simple fix I appreciate all the help.

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Yay, I’m glad I could help. It’s usually the simplest things that make us want to pull our hair out

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