Multi file project can't find songs

I upgraded to 2.3.10 and now when I open my multi file project the browser cannot find any songs. I am running Ableton 11.3.4 and Ableset 2.3.10 on a windows 10 machine. It works if I disable multi file and open any of the individual songs.

Hey @aforman,

Thank you for your feedback, that sounds like a bug! Could you send me a log package to so I can check what caused this and look for a fix? You can create one by clicking on “Create Log Package” in AbleSet’s settings menu.

In the meantime, you can always downgrade by downloading one of the previous versions from the Changelog page.

Log Package sent. Thanks


@aforman thanks for the log package! I just released an update that should fix the issue you’ve experienced. Could you try updating and report back on whether everything works as expected now?

I’m looking forward to your feedback!

Thanks Leo. 
 I will try later this afternoon and let you know. 

Aaron Forman
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The update worked. Everything is all good.

Thanks Leo

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That’s great to hear, thanks for letting me know!