Multi-file mode

I’m trying to start multi-file mode.
I choose a folder with files *.als
System message: “Your multi-file project folder doesn’t contain any project files or doesn’t exist”

In the browser, the files are visible, but not visible when selected in AbleSet
How can this be changed?

Windows 11
Ableton Live 11.0.11
AbleSet 2.4.1

Hey @Markmusicband, welcome to the forum!

This sounds like a bug. Could you send me a log package so I can take a closer look at what might be causing this? You can create one by clicking on “Create Log Package” in AbleSet’s settings menu.

You can send the log package to I’m looking forward to your reply and hope we can quickly find a solution to this!

Hi Leo,

I am having the same issues on our live rig with version 2.4.2 - ans solutions?



I experienced a similar issue a few weeks ago. I had copied my projects to a different harddrive. It turned out that one on the .als files was corrupted during the transfer and Ableset couldn’t process it within the new directory.

This resulted in the same issue that you’re experiencing. If you don’t have too many projects, I would recommend opening each one directly with Ableton and see if you can find a corrupt project.

Once the offending project was removed, everything worked fine again.

Hi Richard,
thanks for the feedback! I will keep this in mind if I experience the issue after changeing something file-wise.
However, in this case, I had simply updated Ableset without even touching a single Ableton file or folder.
It work fine before the update, it fails now :slight_smile: Regards,

Update: The latest version working for me is 2.3.13. Anything higher will cast the error message.

Hey @TedBatzelona,

I just managed to track this bug down and think I’ve found a fix for it. I’ll test this fix tomorrow and will publish an update as soon as possible.

I just released an update, AbleSet 2.4.3, which should solve this issue. Could you try updating and reporting back on whether this works for you as well?

I’m looking forward to your feedback!

it works!:slight_smile:
Thank you, Leo!

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