Mixed set (regular & multifile)

I was thinking it would be great to be able to perform trough a setlist where the input of songs could either come from 1 project or multiple files, at once.
Use case would be, maybe I got 5 songs from a project, play through those, then maybe you got to load this one song with some intensive cpu draining plug-ins that are used in that song only, and then load up 8 or 10 more songs from a single project.
Again I know there’s workarounds for this, as treating the songs as sections in the 1 set files to achieve this, or automating such plug-ins to turn on and off ni that given song on the set, but anyway.
Looking to read your thoughts on this.

Thank you for your suggestion!

I’ve been thinking about this as well and it should be possible now that AbleSet can see the contents of projects that aren’t currently open in Live :slight_smile:

This feature depends on the new format of setlists being implemented. This will also allow you to add the same song to your setlist twice, or add dummy songs that separate the setlist into multiple parts.

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