MIDI Mappings for "Next Section" and "Previous Section" not working as expected in AbleSet (but work when mapped in Ableton directly)

Issue Summary:

I cannot get the “Next Section” or “Previous Section” MIDI mappings to work in AbleSet. When I program them directly in Ableton, they work fine (same hardware).

With the Multi-File Project feature in AbleSet 2.x, programming these commands directly in Ableton is a perfectly acceptable work-around.

System Configuration:

  • OS and Version: macOS Ventura 13.5

  • Version of AbleSet: AbleSet Version 2.5.7 (2.5.7) - [currently in Demo Mode but 100% going to purchase it ASAP - brilliant product ]

  • Version of Ableton Live: Ableton Live 11 Suite (11.3.21 Build 2024-01-22)

  • I am using a XSonic Xtone Pro as my MIDI Footswitch

Hey @ANIMALTRONIX, thank you for your interest in AbleSet, and welcome to the forum!

I’ve just tried to reproduce this issue on my end, but it seems to work as expected here.

To troubleshoot this, could you upload a log package to my support inbox? You can create one by opening AbleSet’s status window, clicking on the settings icon on the top right, and then clicking “Create Log Package”.

If you like, you can also attach a video of the issue on your machine. That often makes it easier to understand what might be going wrong.

I’m looking forward to your reply!

Thanks for getting back to me. It’s such a tremendous tool you’ve created - it’s actually motivated me to finally dive into setting up backing tracks for my shows.

I am setting up for a new show (and set of rehearsals), so I will be buying AbleSet and playing with it a lot in the coming weeks. I am still learning how everything works so once I get a better grasp on how to set up my projects, I will be able to separate out all the “user-errors” vs. actual potential bugs. I played around with it again today and realized that I don’t understand how to use markers in a Multi-file project and might need to set up my “sections” tracks first and test again before I can determine that I have an actual bug. I will follow up again when I have a clearer idea of intended app behavior.

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That sounds great, I’m looking forward to your feedback!

You can close this issue. When I use the “Sections” track and
“Tools > Place locators on section clips”, the MIDI Mappings “Next Section” and “Previous Section” work just fine. Maybe it had something to do with:

  • The locators had to be created by AbleSet
  • The locators have to be numbers in order or at least not named in a way that conflicts with section names.

Sorry about the false alarm.

No need to apologize, I’m glad you found a solution :slight_smile: