MIDI Mapping: Switch/Toggle Lyric Track View

It would be really cool to be able to switch the view of which lyrics track you’re viewing with a MIDI command.

For context, I’m running a lyrics view on prompters (basically as external monitors) for singers and would like to be able to switch their view from one Lyrics track to another quickly with a midi command (and not have to navigate with my mouse across the screen to the drop down menu).

For example, if I need to convey a non-verbal announcement to them, or communicate something (reminding them what city they’re in, important, moment-of updates, etc.); I could switch the view from the main lyrics to the message, and then back to the lyrics.

I figure it’d be difficult to conceptualize, considering there can be several instances of lyrics open to different lyrics tracks on several devices. I guess you technically make a mass override feature that defaults to a designated Lyrics track on all devices in lyrics view. I’m sure there are major pitfalls in this niche idea I’m getting at; thinking out loud here :slight_smile:

Hey @miikaii,

This is already possible using AbleSet’s MIDI mapping feature (docs). For example, to open a lyrics page on a specific device, you could map the following OSC command to your MIDI controller:

/devices/showPage lyrics/vocals

Where “” is the IP address of the device that should display the page and “lyrics/vocals” is the address of your lyrics track. You can see this in your browser’s address bar when you select the desired lyrics track.

If you’d like to be able to display notifications, you can also use the /notify OSC commands (docs). For example, to display a notification with a given text on all devices, you can map the following OSC command to your MIDI controller:

/notify/big all "5 mins left" 4000

Where “big” defines that the notification should take up the entire screen, “all” tells AbleSet to display the message on all devices, “5 mins left” is the message you’d like to display, and “4000” is the duration in milliseconds that you’d like the notification to be visible for. The default is 5000 ms, if you’re fine with that value you can omit this parameter.

For now, this is fairly hidden, but in the future, I’d like to add a dedicated UI for this feature so you can more easily send notifications to devices.

The next version of AbleSet will also allow you to specify aliases for devices so you don’t have to address them via their IP.

I hope this helps!


Thank you Leo! Does this solution work for Ableset version 2.5.7?

This feature is only available since AbleSet 2.6.0, unfortunately.

Ahhhh got it. Makes so much sense why it wasn’t working for me haha