Midi mapping presets

I love being able to midi map right in Ableset. I would really love to be able to save and recall different presets. My idea is to have a show preset where my next/prev buttons select songs, and a rehearsal preset where they select sections.

Hope this can be implemented! Thanks.

Hey @lpage,

That’s an interesting use case, I’ll keep a look at the votes for this feature!

In the meantime, you might be able to kind of build this feature yourself. AbleSet stores its MIDI mapping in a JSON file that you could copy to create presets. If you open the settings menu in AbleSet’s status window, then click “Show Custom Styles” and navigate up one directory, you should see a file called “midi-mappings.json”.

Once you’ve created your MIDI mappings in AbleSet, you can make a copy of this file to store it as a preset. If you’d like to load this preset, just close AbleSet, rename the “midi-mappings.json” file to something else, and the copy you made to “midi-mappings.json”. The next time you start AbleSet, it will load the new mappings from that file.

I hope this helps as a workaround! :slight_smile: