Mapping CC Values to Buttons on the AbleSet Controller

It seems the AbleSet Controller play button only works with midi notes.
Is it possible to also make it work with CC’s?


Hey @AndersK,

I just took a quick look at the button settings in Max for Live, but I couldn’t find a way to make them mappable to CC values. I’ll keep looking though, as I remember some other devices have this ability. If anyone else knows how this works in Max, please let me know!

What would your use case be for mapping incoming CC values to the buttons?

I’m using a midi controller(Behringer X Touch Mini) that sends out CC’s for play/stop/next/forward.
I believe I can change the value the buttons are sending with the editor, I just need to get my hands on a windows machine, since the editor is only available for windows.

Hmm, yeah for now it might be easier to program your controller so it sends MIDI notes instead of CC values for the playback commands. I still haven’t found a good solution for making these buttons mappable to incoming CC, unfortunately.

With the release of AbleSet 2.4.0-beta.6, this is now possible using AbleSet’s internal MIDI mapping feature.