Lyrics stop working with too many songs

Windows, Ableset version 2.5.6

I have more than 70 songs in my ableton set and the Lyrics track stops working when I add more lyrics to the same lyrics track. If I add a seperate lyrics track and switch it works fine. I suspect the array or something that you use to store the lyrics track clips maybe has just hit its limit. Just wanted to let you know.

It seems unlikely that there would be a limit to the lyrics array. Even embedded images within lyrics would be strored as url text. I’d recommend to:

  1. Reproduce the the issue
  2. Save the project.
  3. Create a Log Package for @leolabs to examine.
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I think I found the issue for this problem I reported. I was trying to display song lyrics in Spanish, and the accented characters were messing-up the lyrics. It may be an issue with Ableton, I’m not sure. Anyway, be careful using spanish character lyrics.

Hmm, special characters shouldn’t be an issue normally.

Could you post a few of the lines that you think might have caused lyrics to not load as expected? I’ll try to reproduce this issue on my end then.

I can't duplicate the problem, it must be something on my end. I created a new file with the same lyrics and Ableset works fine.

Sorry to bother.

No worries! Let me know if you should experience this again in the future :slight_smile:

I have had the issue where lyrics won’t
display, but then if I drag the clip a few bars away, then back , it works.

This is probably a known bug - just thought worth mentioning.


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That didn’t work in my case, but thanks for the tip.

If you experience this issue again with the latest version of AbleSet, could you send me a log package so I can take a closer look at what might be causing this?

You can create one by opening AbleSet’s status window, clicking on the settings icon on the top left, and then clicking on “Create Log Package”. To send it to me, you can use my support inbox.

I’ve seen this behavior before on large projects, but I thought I fixed this in AbleSet 2.5.3.