Lyrics page jumps to end of song

We started using Ableset for our U2 Tribute Show and it has been absolutely great so far.
But there is one minor bug with the lyrics page.

We use the feature to automatically jump to the next song whenever the current one ends.
Sometimes the lyrics page shows the very end of the new song instead of the very beginning.
As soon as we start the playback on the new song the lyrics jump to the correct spot. But this can be a bit confusing.
This never happens when we manually switch to a certain song. In this case it always shows the song name and the very first text phrase. It only happens on automatic jumps. Sometimes it works as intended, sometimes it shows the very end of the song.
This happens on a bunch of different devices. iPads, Samsung Pads, iPhones.

Any idea what this could be.

We use Ableset 2.4 but it has happened on 2.3 as well. Ableton 11 is running on a M1 MacBook Air.

Hey @Florian_Schmid, welcome to the forum!

I’ve just tried to reproduce this issue on my end with one of my project files, but couldn’t get the behavior you described.

If possible, could you send me a log package including the project file you’re using so I can take a closer look? You can create one by clicking on “Create Log Package” in AbleSet’s settings menu and then send it to :slight_smile:

Hi, I have sent you an email with the log package including the project file a couple of days ago. Any chance you could take a look at it?
It is really quite distracting in a live setting.


Hey @Florian_Schmid,

Please excuse my late reply on this one! I’ve managed to reproduce the issue on my end, but it occurs very sporadically which makes it hard to debug. I’ll let you know once I find a fix for this.