Looping. On by default?

Hey folks. I’m using section markers via midi clip and adding +loop/ +loopfull, and I want the ability to loop sections, but I need it off by default… is there a way for this to be an option?

I need the ability to spontaneously loop a section sometimes. So it needs to be an option, but off by default.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple, but I figured I’d go ahead and see if you guys could point me in the right direction quickly.


Just make sure to turn “Autoloop the current section” on.
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That way, whenever you need need to loop a section, you can just turn on the loop.

Thank you, @agustinvolpe!

On AbleSet 2.4 and newer, the settings have moved to a page in your browser. The setting is still called the same:

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When this setting is enabled, AbleSet will automatically move the loop bracket to the current section without enabling it. You can then manually enable it in the web app or via MIDI if you’d like to loop the current section.

I hope this helps!

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