Loop toggle in lyrics view

The loop can be activated no matter what view you’re in, and can be toggled in both setlist and performance views.
As a singer I think it would be useful to also have the loop button on the lyrics page so to know that we are looping/repeating a certain section. It would keep us in better context.
It could be added right beside the play button (see image).

That sounds like a cool feature! I’ll move this topic to the Feature Requests forum so others can vote on it as well :slight_smile:

Oh I’m sorry I thought I originally posted this on the Feature Requests section😅
My bad


Some way of letting a singer know a section is being looped is great.

I currently do this by simply having clloyr d text in the lyrics track saying “LOOPING”

But something that is automatically activated would be great. :fire::fire::fire: