Live and AbleSet losing connectivity and cannot re-establish connection

Hi Leo -

I’m running into a problem. I can start AbleSet and Live, and then open up a given (small) Live set that includes markers. AbleSet can see those markers and runs fine. I then try to open up the (large) Live set that I really need; if that Live Set opens, there is sometimes a connection to AbleSet (I can see the Setlist), but then after a few seconds the connection is lost and cannot be re-established, and I’m pretty sure it is because Live is actually locked-up (I see the spinning wheel when I mouse over Live, and it stops spinning when I move it away). I’ve closed and re-installed AbleSet, and also tried re-booting, etc. In the last few days I’ve been able to get AbleSet to work with this particular Live set, so I know it works (beautifully by the way). My MacBook is a M3 MacBook Pro (brand new) with plenty of RAM and GPUs; and I’m running Ableton 11.3.21. I also use Videosync but I don’t open that until Live is stable and running with AbleSet, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

Is there some preferred sequence of starting the programs that perhaps I’m missing?

I thought I had solved the problem by opening AbleSet, then opening Live, and then opening Videosync, but presently that is not helping.

Relatedly perhaps, should AbleSet be kept open when Ableton is closed?

Any thoughts would be really appreciated, and there is some time sensitivity for me as I have a show Saturday night:)

Thanks as always! David

Leo - late update. I restarted the computer and tried to open the Live Set by itself (without AbleSet or Videosync) and Ableton is freezing up. So the problem may well be with Live and not the communication with AbleSet. In any event, tonight I reached out to Ableton and sent them the Crash Report so I’m hoping to have an update from them in the morning. I still would welcome your thoughts about whether there is a preferred starting sequence for the programs, and what I should do with AbleSet (leave it open?) when Live is not open. Or any thoughts you might have are always welcome. Thanks again. David

Hey @dhjhome , does Ableton still freeze on a new (empty) project? If not, then it would appear to be an issue with your existing project file. Ableton saves periodic backups of project files under a sub folder named Backup. I’d recommend trying one of those.

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Hey @dhjhome,

I’m sorry to hear about the freezing issues you’re experiencing with Live!

As you said, this probably isn’t related to AbleSet, but if you want to make sure, you could try disabling the AbleSet plugin in Live’s MIDI preferences and check if that fixes the crashes.

The starting order of AbleSet and Ableton Live shouldn’t make a difference. AbleSet will always try to automatically connect to Live when it notices that the application is running.

I hope this helps and look forward to your reply!

Hi RichardB - thanks for your note. Ableton is not freezing on a new empty project, and it is not freezing on a new project that I created that includes AbleSet. So I’ve concluded that the problem indeed is with Ableton and the Live Set itself. I do have the backup for the corrupted Live Set and will try that. Thanks very much. David

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Hi Leo - I am convinced now that the problem is entirely my Live Set and nothing to do with AbleSet. I apologize for the fire drill, and as always really appreciate your support. Regards, David

No worries, and I hope you’ll find a solution to this issue soon! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that you’ve solved part of the problem! We’ll be curious to see how things turn out.