Launch Clip From Session View

I use ableset for running tracks on the timeline view. However I’ve created automation from launching a midi clip in the session view to fade out and fade in certain tracks. I would love to add a button in ableset that would allow me to hit those clips without stopping playback or moving where I’m at in the song

This might be a good addition to this feature request: AbleSet as “All-in-One” Controller

My idea would be to allow defining custom buttons that trigger OSC messages when pressed. This in combination with AbletonOSC would allow you to have buttons that trigger specific clips.

For example, if you wanted to trigger the first clip of the first track, you’d define your button to send the following OSC command to AbletonOSC:

/live/clip/fire 0 0

Where the first number is the index of the track and the second number is the index of the clip you’d like to trigger.

This might take a while to implement properly, but I’m hyped for this feature as well as it opens up so many possibilities for customizing one’s setup.

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I could see some sophisticated use cases with Clyphx clips!

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Oh yeah, that sounds like a cool combination!