Jump Tags Separate from Section Name

I’ve recently started using an MC6 MIDI controller with AbleSet and have found the ability to jump to named sections via OSC commands really useful. However, I regularly run into scenarios where I would like the name of the section to be different to the key that is jumped to. E.g. I would like to jump to Chorus 2, but the section is named “Chorus 2 - Build”, so I either have to rename it or remap my jump button, which would not work across multiple songs. Could we have a tag to specify names for jumps, e.g. “J:C1”, as this would allow for keeping my shortcut jump buttons consistent, but also allowing me to change section names.

Thanks for all the great work.

Hey @jzf,

Thank you for your suggestion, that sounds like an interesting use case!

To avoid introducing a new syntax, I could add a 2nd parameter to the /setlist/jumpToSection OSC command that you can set to true or 1 to jump to the first section that includes a given word or string.

For example, /setlist/jumpToSection "Chorus 2" true would jump to the first section that includes “Chorus 2”, which could also be “Chorus 2 - Build”.

Would that work for you?

I’m looking forward to your feedback!

Hi @leolabs
That would work great. There are some cases where custom syntax might be more useful, e.g. if when jumping to chorus 2 in a song I actually want to hit a pre-chorus but don’t want to setup a separate button. However if it’s just searching the text I could just add C2 and set that as the OSC, similar to custom syntax, just not standardised.


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Awesome, then I’ll make this available with the next beta :slight_smile:

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