Jump function not in sync although Quantized is selected in Settings

Hi guys.

I’m new to Ableset. I have 1 song that works perfect and when I load a new song then when I want to skip around in quantized mode, it just cuts the song off and go directly to that section and not quantized.

Please help

Hey @pj4themusic, welcome to the forum!

When jumping while playing, AbleSet respects Live‘s global quantization. You can change this using the dropdown menu in the top left of Live‘s toolbar. I’d recommend setting it to something between 1/4 and 1 bar.

I hope this helps! If this doesn’t work, feel free to post a video of the issue, that often helps with troubleshooting.

Wow thanks so much. it worked. Thanks for replying and giving a solution to the problem. I really appreciate it.

Great app BTW. Solves so many things in live performances.

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