How to make a song always pause/stop at the start, regardless of the previous song's STOP status

Hello, I’ve only had Ableset for a few hours, but I am loving it so far. Leo, you are a genius.

I have a question regarding stopping playback. I have a scenario where I have some songs which I want to run into each other without stopping. Currently I have jump mode set to “end of song”, which means that I can be playing song A, which doesn’t have a STOP locator at the end of it, and cue up song B or song C to follow it. This is great as songs A, B and C all have the same tempo, so I can have a seamless transition from song A to either song B or to song C.

My question is whether it’s possible to add something to the Song D locator to stop Song D automatically playing if I accidentally have it selected to follow song A? I don’t want Song A to have a STOP locator as it is designed to continue playback into Song B or Song C. But it would be a disaster if Song D accidentally played after Song A - it would be better for playback to stop.

I tried naming it “.Song D” but this didn’t work. Presumably the “.” acts as a way of stopping the playback of the previous song, rather than stopping playback at the very start of the current song - have I understood that correctly? I also tried adding +PAUSE to the locator, but this didn’t work - perhaps this only works with sections, not songs?

I hope this makes sense! If there is a way to always make a particular song stop or pause at the very beginning, please let me know!



Could you set a 1 bar autolooped section at the top of song D, so that you have to manually escape it to move forward?

Hey @SteveC,

That’s an interesting scenario! I think it makes sense for the +PAUSE flag to work on song markers as well, and it should be easy to implement. Now I’m wondering, should the +PAUSE flag also go into effect when you jump to a section using the End of Section or Quantized jump mode while Live is playing?

On one hand, it would be consistent with the behavior you’re describing. On the other hand, it might break other users’ existing workflows where they expect playback to pause upon reaching a section with a +PAUSE flag, but would still like to be able to jump to that section seamlessly while the song is running without stopping playback.

This might be something to think about another time, but let me know if you have any thoughts on this.

Thanks both!

I don’t think I understand the difference between pausing and stopping, so I need to have another look at this. But I guess what I need is something which always stops playback at the start of a song or section, rather than at the end of the section. I guess adding +STOP or +PAUSE to a song or section marker, to make it stop or pause at that marker?

Usually, pausing means that the playhead stays at its current position and when you press play, it continues from where you paused. Stopping means the playhead jumps back to the position you started playback at.

The latest beta now supports the +PAUSE flag on song locators and will pause playback when you jump to that song using the End of Song jump mode or when the song follows a song that ends with a SONG END locator.

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