Have "Next Section" display the queued section instead of the chronological successor

There are various places in AbleSet where one can see which song section falls next chronologically; the setlist view, the quick play performance buttons, etc. It would be nice if the “Next Section” option would show the next queued section, instead of the next chronological section. This would be especially useful when improvising arrangement changes; band members would have another visual cue as to what section will begin playing next. Just a thought.

CleanShot 2023-08-10 at 21.42.32@2x

That’s a great idea! I’ve just implemented a rough version of this and will include it in the next beta.


This is incredible timing - I was about to request this exact feature. Thank you Leo!


@leolabs , I really like your implementation. The flashing text below the quick play buttons is even more eye-catching than the next section tag. It makes it very easy to see what’s coming next. Thank you!

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