Group songs when editing setlist order

Hi there,

I’m not sure you have this option. But let’s say I have a three song medley when I’m editing my setlist order, it would be cool to be able to click and drag the group of songs, rather than have to click and drag each song individually.

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Hey @jgileadi, welcome to the forum, and thank you for your feature request – that’s an interesting idea!

I think there are multiple ways to approach this. Here’s some questions that could help figure out the best way:

Would you want to be able to mark songs as grouped on the fly in the setlist editor so you can move them together or would you like to be able to define grouped songs beforehand, e.g. as part of the song locator names?

When you add or remove one of the songs, do you think the other grouped songs should be added/removed as well, or should the group just be used for moving songs?

When a group of songs is defined, should it be possible to move songs in-between the grouped songs, and if so, should those automatically become part of the group as well?

I’m looking forward to your feedback!

Hi Leo,

Thanks for your reply! I’m a big fan of your software!

For your first question:
I would like to be able to define the group beforehand. Doing it on the fly isn’t really applicable to me personally.

For your second question:
I think if I removed one song, the other songs should stay in that particular group still. Like, the order of songs will still remain in that group, minus the song I removed.

Third question:
I think it would be smart if you were to add a song to the group, then in order to keep it in that group. you would have to indicate it as a part of the song locator name.

I’m no expert, but that’s how I personally would approach that. I hope my answers make sense :slight_smile:

Thanks and best,

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Hey @jgileadi,

Thank you for your thorough response, that all makes sense to me!

I’ll see how I can implement this feature in a future release :slight_smile:

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Not to distract from what @jgileadi is requesting here, but on a related note, I personally would like to request an on-the-fly grouping function when in setlist edit mode. Basically, a multi-select function where I could select, for example, 5 songs at one time to move them down the setlist together.


Good call, that’s pretty much what I’m trying to accomplish as well.


…a multi-select function where I could select, for example, 5 songs at one time to move them down the setlist together.

That would be really handy.