Full Span Section Progress Indicator

My favorite view is the performance view, but my favorite progress indicators are the full width section bars on the Setlist view. Sometimes the sections are so short that it is difficult to identify where you are musically in the section. Would it be viable to include an option to have a full span section progress above the song progress in Performance View?

That’s an interesting idea, and it shouldn’t be too hard to implement!

Do you think it would be acceptable that the section progress bar just jumps back to zero every time a new section is reached, or would that be too distracting?

I could also imagine having the progress bar for the current section staying at 100% and fading out over the first quarter of the next section or so.

I think either of those would be great. I don’t personally think it would be distracting but I’ll leave it to you to decide what looks best. :+1:

This feature is now available in the latest Beta: AbleSet 2.4.0-beta.3

You can enable it in the performance view settings, and it looks like this:

When a section finishes, its progress bar slowly fades out over the next 8 beats as the next section’s progress bar takes priority. I feel like this is the most visually clear way, but would love to hear your feedback as well!

Yes! This looks awesome. The 8 beat fade looks great to me, personally. Could it be modified with CSS to fade faster or slower?

Since the opacity of the last section’s progress bar is based on the playhead position, it has to be calculated in JS and can’t be overridden using CSS. I could theoretically expose this setting as a global JS variable that can be changed, but for now I just hope that most users will be fine with this duration :slight_smile:

I am totally fine with it. It works beautifully! Forgive my insatiable desire for customization…it’s a problem :joy:.

Often times my questions are more from a perspective of “Can I?” rather than “Should I?”

Current implementation is fantastic and just what I asked for.

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