'Floating Window' option on main AbleSet window

I’ve been using AbleSet for some time now. it’s amazing. when I load our session and fire up AbleSet, the first thing I do is open AbleSet… and then Cmd-Tab back and forth from Safari (with AbleSet running) and Live while I ensure things are good. since discovering the ‘floating window’ option on the drop down menu, I always use that now. so much so, that I wondered… is it possible to make that an option in the main menu alongside ‘Open AbleSet’? maybe a dropdown choosing which to show? separate button? just spitballing.

love the app. thanks for all that you do!!

Same here. New default click

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I second this request as well.

We use it at church where multiple volunteer musicians interact with it and the floating window feels very native. Some of them get scared when they see “the internet” open in safari no matter how much I try to explain why it’s not actually the internet to them. Haha.

Would be awesome to choose in a default preference in settings.

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Hey @guitargai,

That’s a great idea! I’ve just added two new settings that allow you to always have AbleSet open in a floating window and to automatically open the window when AbleSet starts:

I’ll release this with the next beta :slight_smile:


Thats the reason to update :sunglasses:


amazing - thanks!! have I mentioned how much I love this app? it’s a life saver. :slight_smile:


Leo is the greatest.


Yes for sure. Glad this feature is getting some attention. I also would love if the toggle floating window option was added to the MaxForLive Device. Or “added back”. I remember seeing an old screenshot of the M4L device and the option to open ableset was there but it isn’t anymore. (that was before I used Ableset so I’m not 100% sure how it functioned).

Just would be nice to be able to launch it via MIDI in Live. I know it’s possible to do it with custom OSC messages, but native within the device/Live would be a cool option too.

Hey @miikaii,

I just created a Max for Live device for this: AbleSet Floating Window.amxd (13.6 KB)

CleanShot 2024-03-15 at 20.38.39

Not the most beautiful, but usable :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll include it in the OSC example devices with the next release of AbleSet as well, but you can already use it in your project if you like.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Oh wow, thanks Leo! Beauty is overrated anyway :wink:

Works great! :pray:t5:

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