Flexible Tempo Change

Hey Leo!
I utilize AbelSet mostly in the Worship Music setting. In this setting, there is often a need for flexible tempo changes. In the past we’ve used a separate iPad with a metronome that can modulate tempo by Tap Tempo or by increasing/decreasing BPM’s. However, I highly dislike this process as it introduces an additional click sound to our band’s ears, so I would love to keep all click tracks and tempos within the same Ableton session for consistency.

I think it would be really useful to have a feature within AbleSet that allows you to increase/decrease tempo of a click track on the fly.

Thank you for this idea!

I understand the need for this, but I’m afraid this isn’t possible to implement since I can’t programmatically override the tempo of one song without completely disabling the tempo automation of all other songs. And once the tempo automation of other songs is disabled, I have no way to programmatically re-enable the automation for when the next song is reached.

This is a limitation of Live, so unfortunately, there’s no way for me to work around this.