Flexible Quantization Option

Hey Leo!

I use AbleSet mostly in the Worship Music setting, and often times we are subject to plenty of spontaneous flow moments. Most of the time, when our team finishes a song and the lead singer wants to continue to flow or change direction, we continue to play to the click track, however, most of the time the band changes the location of the downbeat. For example, the MD will being to count the band in on the 3rd beat of the original 4 beat bar count.

It would be super helpful to have a feature that allows us to use AbleSet to change the Quantization setting of Ableton from 1 bar to 1/4 bar or even 1/8 bar. This will alow for the Track operator to cue the new downbeat when thet are 1/4 bar away from the band’s new downbeat and therefore realigning the band to Ableton’s grid.

This will also help in the case that the band or singer falls off track, the track operator can easily cue the next section of the song when singer is getting to the downbeat and therefore realigning the whole team back to the ableton grid.

I’m pretty comfortable doing this already on the fly within Ableton, but it requires more attention and it distracts me from following the singer and/or playing my instrument.

Let me know your thoughts!

Hey @Joelmartinez.wav, welcome to the forum!

I think that’s a good idea! I’ve just released AbleSet 2.5.0-beta.8 with the ability to change the global quantization using OSC or MIDI, so you can now use a MIDI controller or an app like TouchOSC to quickly switch between them.

This is what it would look like in AbleSet’s MIDI Mapping settings:

With these settings, pressing the C1 key changes the quantization to 1/4, C#1 to 1/2 and D1 to 1 bar.

In the future, I could imagine adding these buttons to the performance screen as well, but I’m not sure yet about where I should place them on the screen.

Let me know if this addition already helps :slight_smile:

This is incredible Leo!! Thanks so much for adding this

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