Export/Import setlist issue between computers

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I do “production” on one MacBook then move the Ableton Set and the Ableset .json file over to another MacBook for performances. However, when I import the .json file into the performance computer it doesn’t reflect the set that I made on the production computer. I have to manually add songs again, and move songs around, etc. Is there a way to simply “mirror” the exact .json file in the performance computer without having to tweak it again?

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Ventura 13.5

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Hey @BeSharp,

AbleSet stores the current setlist inside of your Ableton project file, so you should be able to just copy that one over to another computer and have the same setlist show up there. In order to do that, make sure that you first save the setlist in AbleSet and then save the project file in Ableton Live.

However, importing the setlist from a JSON file shouldn’t cause songs to be out of order. Could you send me a copy of your project file along with a few JSON files so I can try to reproduce this issue on my end and look for a fix?

I’m looking forward to your reply!

Hey Leo,

So the issue seems to have been a couple of things:

  1. I was storing multiple copies of the .json files. One of them was called “All Songs” so that one was loading first because…
  2. I was storing the .json files outside of the Ableton project file, thinking I was keeping all my different possible sets and I would just load the correct set depending on the circumstances.

So the fix is to keep all of my sets as before, but only put the one I’m planning on using INSIDE the active Ableton Project folder.

Does this make sense as to what the problem was?


Hey Mike,

I might have worded my explanation poorly. The current setlist is always stored inside your .als file, so if you change the setlist in AbleSet, you can save your project in Ableton and copy the .als file over to your other machine. This will transfer the setlist you stored as well.

Regarding the JSON files, it shouldn’t matter where and how many of them you store in one place, but AbleSet should always load them correctly when you import one. The behavior you described where songs aren’t in the correct order or not included in the setlist sounds like it could be a bug.

If you’d like me to take a look at this, you can email me the Ableton project file you’re working with along with a few of the JSON setlists you experienced importing issues with. You can send them to support@ableset.app.

I hope this helps and look forward to your reply!

Files. Emailed. Thanks Leo.