Export a video of the synced lyrics with the audio

It would be a great practice tool to export a video of the scrolling lyrics and the ableton tracks for m band mates to rehearse to,

That’s an interesting idea! For now, since AbleSet doesn’t have access to the audio data of your Live project, exporting a lyrics video will be difficult, but you should be able to create a lyrics video by recording the AbleSet browser window with something like CleanShot for macOS or ShareX on Windows while you play the song.

I use QuickTime Player on the Mac to record the  browser and use an aggregate audio device to record the audio directly from ableton

It’s a great rehearsal tool for the band
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While looking for a solution for another feature request, I found out that you can use OBS to record the lyrics track and even add custom backgrounds and record the system audio as well.

Here’s the post with a video that shows this in action: Replace Background with video - #2 by leolabs

I hope this helps!

You are such good guy. Thanks for your tireless attention to your solution
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