Disable all bars and Next: Song for Lyrics in performance view

Is there a way to hide the bar that is under the "Section Progress " bar (which I can toggle off) as well as the Section Progress bar in performance view? I am trying to toggle all the bars off that screen.

I would also like to remove the Next:Song text in the Lyrics portion of performance view as well. Is this possible?


I’ll see if I can add this to the list of customization options, but for now, you can do this with some custom CSS by adding the following to your styles.css file:

/* hide the song progress bar */
.performance .progress {
  display: none;

/* add a bit of space below the tags */
.performance .tags {
  margin-bottom: 3vmin;

/* hide the next song header in lyrics */
.performance .next-song {
  display: none;
Thanks Leo.

A toggle switch in the options would be great.  The margin style does not seem to be doing what I think you sent it for, and the "Next" text is pretty tight up to the clock when the bar is removed.

Also, I noticed in the BETA version the clock is getting clipped when it is long.  Is there a setting to drop the seconds and maybe the AM/PM?

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 11.11.01 AM.png

Hey @clarocque , that screenshot is not showing up. You’ll probably need to re-upload

Sorry, I replied via email.

Perfect. And yes, I’m experiencing the same overflow with the clock. @leolabs , I’m able to prevent the horizontal clipping by adjusting the svg text font-size to 90 instead of 108.

Thanks for reporting this! I’ve implemented a fix for the clock overflow and will release it as part of the next beta :slight_smile:

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Any chance to get a toggle to remove the song description that shows in the NEXT track in performance view? Or maybe add this to the top toggle for song description? If not, is there a css that would hide it? We have a few songs with long tag that is running in to the song count. We only need to see it for the purpose of set building so if we could hide it it would resolve the issue.

That’s a good idea! I’ll have the “Song Descriptions” toggle hide the next song’s description as well when it’s turned off.

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That would be great. While in that code, does it make sense to add a toggle to remove just the song count and time line? That is really the last of things to hide (and still allow next to show).

That makes sense, I’ll add it in the next update :slight_smile:

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