Cutting off transients when playing next song

I perform in a band that likes to play songs back to back, with very little time in between. However, I don’t want to abruptly cut off the transient to cue the count in of the next song, so for some songs I put the transient of the last chord in the count in for a smooth transition. This works perfectly, however if we change our setlist I have to manually go through an adjust them back. If there was a way to have multiple intro versions to choose from that would be awesome and super helpful. Again, don’t know if it’s possible, just throwing it out there.

Hey @Alex_Knerzer, welcome to the forum!

This might be something you can already do in Live. I see two potential solutions to your challenge.

First, you could create multiple audio tracks for the different song intros and unmute the one you’d like to use. This is fairly simple to set up but requires a bit of work every time you change the order of your songs.

Alternatively, I like use a drum rack that contains the last few bars of the song which I can trigger before the SONG END marker. These samples run independently of the playhead so they don’t get cut off when AbleSet jumps to the next song. Here’s a video showing what I mean:

I hope this helps!


Yes! This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!!!

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