Custom Multiline

During our sets, we will incorporate songs without backing tracks. On these “lyrics only” songs/projects, I’ve been laying out lyrics in one multiline clip per section.

The problem is that even though I’m specifying the break character ( \ ), Ableset appears to be injecting additional line breaks based on the original max words per line algorithm.

It would help for Ableset to first split each line by the user defined breaks…then determine if the max characters per line has been exceeded. Or maybe add a +CUSTOM-MULTILINE flag to the lyrics track and let the user have complete control of the multiline breaks.

Thanks for the consideration!

Hey @RichardB,

AbleSet doesn’t have a max words per line limit, but if the line becomes too long to fit on the screen, your browser might insert a line break. I’ve reproduced this with the following clip: “Test line with a lot of words that might break \ Another line with fewer words”

The simplest workaround would be to reduce the font size by adding a size attribute to the track name, e.g. “[small]” or “[tiny]”. Would that work for your use case?

I’m looking forward to your feedback!

Hey @leolabs ,

Thank you for that info! It must be my browser adding those line breaks. When I inspect the text inside of the span tag, I’m seeing those extra line breaks as I originally described. The size attribute will work fine. Thank you!

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