Count-In During Playback?

Thanks for a great app, Leo! AbleSet has already overhauled my workflow as a band leader in the 7 days I’ve been using it.

Last week I used a “Sections” MIDI track to bounce around and run sections of songs during our band’s rehearsals. I set the count-in feature to 1 bar, so that it lines up with our the section count-offs coming from our cues/guide track.

During performances, I’d like to be able to jump to a different section of the song on the fly. This week, I added in locators to each section, so that I can jump around in the song as needed. The count-in feature still works if the transport is stopped, but during playback, if I trigger a song section, I don’t get the count-in “buffer” that allows the rest of the band hear the cue for where we’re going.

Is there a setting I’m missing? If not, would this be possible to add as a feature?


Maybe a guide track is what you’re looking for.
You can take a look at AbleSet’s documentation on this here.

Thanks, @agustinvolpe. I’ve already got the guide track set up. I was mainly hoping to use the count-in feature (starting 1 measure before a song section begins) during playback. The count-in works perfectly if the transport is stopped, but if I jump to a new section during playback, I don’t get the measure of count-in.

Sorry I assumed you printed the count-ins for every section on your guide tracks :sweat_smile:

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Hey @gracebhm,

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible yet due to a limitation with Live’s API as there’s currently no way of jumping to a position in the timeline that doesn’t have a locator while Live is playing.

The following feature request is currently blocked by this as well: Jump to sections defined by clips while Live is playing

As soon as Live offers a way to jump to any arbitrary point in the timeline in a quantized manner while playing, I’ll make sure to implement this.

Leo, thanks for the response. Understood!