Connect iPad via MioXM

I am trying to connect an iPad to playback network with a MioXM

I have 2 laptops on stage, only the B laptop is running ableset. (We run the whole show from start to finish in arrangement view so we dont trigger using ableset). Ableset is on Laptop B purely for visual feedback, lyrics and notes on what to do on each song.

Playback world is off stage and is a PA12 and MioXM into a ethernet switch.

On stage we have another MioXM connected via ethernet to the MioXM in playback world. Is there a way to connect the iPad to the MioXM to get visual feedback from computer B? At the moment I have been running a long USB C Cable, but the stages are now too big.

Hey @stimo, welcome to the forum!

For your use case, I’d recommend connecting your iPad to the network via Ethernet instead of USB. There are Lightning or USB-C to Ethernet adapters available that you can use for this.

Here’s what your setup could look like, with an additional switch that allows you to connect:

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

There is no switch on stage at the moment, just the MioXM. I wanted to connect the iPad to the MioXM, is this possible?

Hey @stimo,

As the mioXM only supports MIDI over USB, you can’t connect your iPad to it to access AbleSet, unfortunately, as it requires a full network connection. Using an Ethernet switch would be the simplest alternative solution.

Hey Leo
Ok, thanks so much for the info. Much appreciate your speedy response.