Comparing potential lantency for MIDI controllers

Hi there. I am blown away by AbleSet and am planning my live rig. So the idea is that I will use two MacBooks, a Playaudio12 and some MIDI controllers for a redundant setup. There are several means to use the MIDI controllers, and I wonder how to compare their potential latency locally and remotely:

  1. MIDI controllers — Playaudio12 — Live. This is for non-AbleSet controls.

  2. MIDI controllers — Playaudio12 — MIDI mapped AbleSet (truly redundant)

  3. MIDI controllers — Playaudio12 — AbleSet M4L device (truly redundant)

  4. MIDI controllers — either laptop’s USB port — MIDI mapped AbleSet (AbleNet enabled).

  5. MIDI controllers — either laptop’s USB port — AbleSet M4L device (AbleNet enabled).

This will be really helpful for me to plan my setup. Thanks a lot!

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Hey @MisterAdler, welcome to the forum!

That’s a good question! In terms of latency, options 1 and 3 are the fastest as they don’t require any roundtrip to AbleSet in most cases and send commands directly to Live.

Option 2 adds a bit of latency that is required to process incoming commands from AbleSet in Live. This should usually be below 20 ms, mostly below 10 ms.

Using AbleNet for sending commands to the other computer (options 4 and 5) adds a bit of latency as well, which depends on your network setup. Usually, this is below 5 ms.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

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