Chord Transposition of Flats and Sharps

I came across a nice feature that may be an accident. I was putting a [+3] in the song title to change the key from “G” to “Bb” and I noticed that it displayed the key as “A#”. I decided to change the song title to [-9] in the title and the key changed to “Bb”

Apparently, if you use the [+x] in title it will use Sharp keys, and [-x] in title will use Flat keys. I thought this would be useful information for users and also in the documentation.

I discovered also that the key transposition can be placed in the lyric track for chords also, although this is not listed in the documentation. I had to find this out by searching for “transpose” in ablset forum where Leo had added this feature in one of the upgrades.

Putting the transpose function in the lyric tracks is much more useful, I think. You could now have one lyric track with the “true” chords, eg. No capo use, and another track with your guitar capo on the third fret and adjust the key transposition accordingly. If you have multiple instruments in the band, then each person could have their own chord track.

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Thanks, that’s very helpful information! I just updated the lyrics docs to include this as well :slight_smile: