Chord display ( Non Ableset related )

Hey All,

Hope you are doing well. This is actually not an Ableset question… But imagine people in here might be Able to help…

I’m looking for a way to have chords show up in a midi lane - this is for my guitar lessons / for students. So i can make a backing track and they can see what chord they should be on as the playhead moves across the clip.

By default ( as you would know ) the midi clip only allows for small text at top of the clip… Ide love to be able to have large text that fills the clip where midi data would be / in the larger / bottom portion of the clip… and ideally scaleable… so if you stretch the track to be taller, the text goes with it and vice versa.

Idea is to make them a video / screen recording that they can practice to at home.

And have it work like any other midi clip. Cut, stretch , colour, etc… So can easily and quickly build a song with cut and paste commands.

Any ideas of something already existing? Or potentially being built? ( Absolutely zero idea on the backend of these things )

Attach a pic of what i mean…



Hey @Trent_Crawford,

I don’t think plugins can alter the UI of Live, but you could try to use MIDI notes to make your own font, kind of like this:

I’ve used the following font for reference: HelvetiPixel - Glyph map / BitFontMaker2

It would be cool to have an editor that turns text into MIDI clips that you can then drag into the timeline, maybe a nice weekend project for the future :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know if this would be a good workaround for you!

I got a bit carried away with this idea, here’s the first version of MIDI Typer, a tool that allows you to create MIDI Clips like the one I’ve shown in the previous reply:

You can enter any text and download it as a MIDI file that you can drag into your project.

Let me know if this helps! :slight_smile:

Man you’re the best person I personally don’t know :rofl::handshake:


That’s great Leo! Will use this. Many thanks!

In a perfect world would be great to be able to treat a track in Ableton to be like a straight line version of 1Chart ( one any those chart apps ) where can also have chord extensions, sus2, add9, and musical cues / symbols etc.

Imagine you could actually create a song like that… Input the chord progression on the “chart” line ( or import a chart ) and then Ableton creates midi patterns based on those chords. Seems like a possible powerful tool for teachers / creators. Or maybe it’s silly.

I would use it for students. :thinking:

Anyways - I digress!

Thanks Leo!

Will give your new tool a go this afternoon.


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