Chord colors in Lyrics Track

Windows PC
Ableset 2.51

I have a Lyrics track with chords and in the track name, I have [yellow] [chords:red}.
Both the lyrics and the chords show in yellow. Chords do not show in Red. This is true whether or not I have a +CC in the track name.

  • OS and Version: (e.g. macOS Ventura 13.3)
  • Version of AbleSet: (e.g. 2.2.3)
  • Version of Ableton Live: (e.g. 11.3.3)

Hey @HoosierFarmBoy,

I just tried to reproduce this on my end, but with a track called β€œLeo +LYRICS [yellow] [chords:red]”, lyrics are yellow and chords are red as expected. Do you have any custom styles by chance that might be overriding the color of your chords?

I'm sure it is something I'm doing wrong. Thanks for all of your great support. I will check it out your suggestion.
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