Choose Output routing from within Ableset for Tagged Busses

The multi-file project system is getting better and better with every update. I wanted to propose a feature that would make my life a lot easier and I think would be a great addition.

With backing tracks, as im sure we all, it is very common to split things up into stereo pairs such as, leads in 1-2, percussion in 3-4, Pads/Misc 5-6, Click + Guide in 7.

However sometimes you use your laptop running tracks in a lot of different systems where the routing has to be different in each room. Some people can only send a mono out of tracks and a mono send for click. Sometimes it is just click and one stereo pair. Depending on the setup, you have to change the routing. When it comes to multi-file projects, this routing isn’t saved between files if you make changes or are on a new system.

it would be FANTASTIC to people to tag a bus or track with “+ClickOut” or “+LeadsOut” and have an option in the settings menu or an easy place to go where in the nice interface you could reroute the tagged tracks to any options on the available interface your connected too.

In my tracks template, I have everything routed through the first 4 bus’s ABCD to make routing with multiple songs a lot easier. However, if in ableset there was a list where you could add a tagged track with output selection, and have that output selection carry across all project files that you load, it would make routing seamless in a multi-file project.

You could very easily re-route any of your tracks to anywhere else, which sounds AWESOME.

Let me know what you guys think!

If you like to differ routing to some sound iterface you could using some sound routing sw. On windows it is e.g. matrix from vbaudio.

If you’re on macOS, you could also check out Loopback. It’s a bit pricey, but super powerful for these kinds of use cases!

And also this one OMNIBUS | Seamless Audio Device Routing For Mac

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