Choice to Hide Specified .als Files From Multi-File Set List Creation Process (perhaps with an .als naming convention)

I’ve started building a Setlist in AbleSet using the Multi-File Project (which is absolutely brilliant - thank you so much for this feature).

Some producers (like me), often times save iterations of our songs as we go (a sort of old-school, manual version control - so we can go back in time in case big choices we make don’t end up working)

As a result, most of my project folders are filled with many .als files like this:
The Title of A Song1.als
The Title of A Song2.als
The Title of A Song3.als

When making a Multi-File playlist with AbleSet, ALL of the .als files are scanned and added to the list as possible songs to pick from. In my case this floods my list with a lot of Song names, and makes it a bit cumbersome to create a setlist quickly and easily.

Perhaps there could be a naming convention for .als files that would alert AbleSet to ignore those .als files when populating the SetList creation window.

Maybe something like this:

The Title of A Song1_.als
The Title of A Song2_.als
The Title of A Song3.als

In my example, all the .als file names that have a trailing underscore, would be ignored by the SetList window populating process - only “The Title of A Song3” would appear in the list.


AbleSet already has a feature like this, though it’s not documented yet. If you create a folder called “Backup”, all project files within it are automatically hidden from AbleSet.

I’ve built this primarily to prevent all of Live’s backup files from showing up in the setlist, but it should work for your use case as well.

Let me know what you think!

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That is great news. Thanks (as always) for responding. Yes, I imagine that you probably figured out the need to hide the backup files the very first time you tested the multi-file set list feature. This will get the job done for me for now (I’m sure you have more important/popular features to work on).

I am still figuring out the best workflow for setting up my projects, but my current approach is that I don’t want to create a separate folder just for live performances, but rather just pull from any project that I am working on inside my main artist / music folder. I am guessing that some people just create a new folder only for their live performances. My goal is to have a very large pool of songs to pull from.

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