Can Auto Jumping be unique to AbleSet Setlists while using an Ableton Master File

Hi Leo (and everyone),

I love the Auto Jump feature as I would use MIDI triggers with the IAC driver to create a group of songs that would be on rails so I didn’t have to individually trigger each song. I also did this as I perform from the master file and not individual projects based on set length. To accommodate things like a 45min, 60min, 75min set, I’ve created 3 lanes of midi triggers that jump us from song to song and mute whichever set lengths we’re not performing that night.

Once I found AbleSet, almost every one of my issues was solved except that some of the songs on rails change based on the set length. For example, in set length 75min, song A flows into song B, flows into song C, but in a 45min set length, we don’t play song C so I would make sure there’s an auto stop after that song. So, while I’m able to reorder the set with AbleSet, I’m still having to adjust MIDI triggers in the IAC lane to adjust which songs are on rails and which songs are start and stop.

I was wondering if there was a function inside of AbleSet where I could turn Auto Jump on for a batch of songs and then off for a few. I know I can use the STOP marker, but again, those change based on the set length. I was hoping the Auto Jump feature would be unique to each setlist I save in AbleSet so the “rails” change based on the setlist I’m using.

I hope that makes sense and if this feature does exist, I’m sorry for not seeing it!

Thank you,

Hey Kyle, welcome to the forum!

If I understand your request correctly, you should be able to use SONG END markers at the end of each song. This will then allow you to use the setlist editor to define whether AbleSet should stop playback at the end of a song or directly jump to the next one, and these settings are saved for each exported setlist.

Here’s a video showing the feature in action:

I hope this helps!

Hey Leo!

Thanks for your quick response and for this great product and forum for discussion. 

I appreciate your answer, but let me try and rephrase the question. In a shorter setlist, song A would flow into song B and sing B would have a song end marker, but in a longer setlist, song B would flow right into song C. 

So, is there an alternative to song end markers that could be used inside of the setlist because the flow from song to song changes based on the set length?

I hope that is clearer! Thanks so much!!

Hey Kyle,

I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean by songs flowing into each other. When Live’s playhead hits a SONG END marker, AbleSet automatically jumps to and plays the next song by default, unless you specify that playback should stop at the end of that song using the setlist editor.

Did you mean a custom transition between your songs depending on the setlist, like a crossfade?

I’m looking forward to your reply!