"Break" in Setlist view

I love AbleSet for what it does, along with everyone else. In fact it’s become central to my workflow for delivering tracks for my 80’s first wave tribute band (I’m keyboard player and content Director). I would like to see the ability to create a “dummy” entry that gets loaded into setlist view that has no function except to document the set. ie my whole show is in one large set, and I want to separate the sets with a “BREAK” item. Perhaps that item just pauses the flow waiting for a keypress to advance (then pause on song 1, set 2). Currrently I use SONG END at the end of each song, and Advance to next song so it queues up the songs and waits for me to start.

I don’t know if this works for you, but you could set up a locator or multiple locators at the end of your Ableton arrangement view with the name “Break [0:00]”, then edit those into your setlist view in the webapp.

Thanks, that’s not too bad! Takes 2 “clicks” to get thru which is a decent safety mechanism. The tabulation is a bit messed up on timing of each set in Performance view however as it’s adding up all remaining songs. Any fix for adding up the sum of durations songs remaining until the next break?