Backup Computer not linking via Ablenet

So I have an odd issue where sometimes the backup computer won’t respond to control from my iPad. The iPad is connected to the main computer’s IP but Ablenet is active so it should be connected. The web interface also says only 1 system connected. Now when I switch to the backup computer’s iP address, it shows 2 computers and both run fine. This happens intermittently and is not easily reproduced. Any reasons for this?

Hey @Rishabh,

This might be an issue with how AbleSet instances find each other on the network. Each network setup is unique so there can always be some weird behavior, but you can turn the automatic discovery off.

To do this, your computers should both have a static IP address. Once that’s set up, you can go to your A computer’s AbleNet settings and enter your B computer’s IP address in the “Connect to Custom IPs” field and vice-versa. Your two computers should now directly connect without using the automatic discovery feature.

I’m constantly trying to make the automatic discovery feature more stable so hopefully this method will not be necessary in the future anymore.