Automating adding locators to set with keyboard maestro

I am working on building automation systems to setting up my live shows quicker. I was wondering if anyone had an experience with using keyboard maestro to click on items in the ableset menu. I want to have keyboard maestro click on the Setlist > Place Locators on Section Clips. I don’t want to use mouse move commands in case things move on my computer. I see a select menu in “” command in keyboard maestro but not sure how to make that work with ableset.

If you’re able to send OSC commands from Keyboard Maestro, you could send /setlist/setLocatorsFromClips to AbleSet via OSC on port 39051. Here’s more info on the commands AbleSet supports: Controlling AbleSet via OSC – AbleSet

Alternatively, if you can send HTTP requests, you could make a POST request to to trigger the same function.

I hope this helps!

This is great! Thanks for the help!

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