Automatically Zoom into the Current Song in Live

Hi Leo,

Thanks for the super fast reply! Your way works like a charm!

There is just one thing I’m looking for right now, but I have to put that into the FR section I guess. And I’m not sure if Ableset can manage to help me with this: I’d like to set the current song in full screen focus (like pressing “command+Z” in Ableton) and than the full view of one song jump from song to song together with the song start…that way I don’t have to manually zoom in and out all the time during the live performance, to review the current song status/tracks.

But anyhow, what a great tool I found! Thanks for your passion and support!

Best from Hamburg (and greetings from Harry Bum Tschak - who recommended your tool to me!

Hey @juni,

That’s great to hear, I’m glad you like the app, and I’m glad I could help!

I love your feature request! Unfortunately, Live’s plugin API doesn’t currently offer any function to zoom into a specific song, but I’ll send them a feature request for it. If this becomes available, I could add this feature to AbleSet.

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