Add Section Labels in Lyrics Track Generator

I use the “Lyrics Track Generator” all of the time and it works great. After adding the lyrics, then I go back and manually add the section midi clips in the Section track.

I use “” all of the time and notice that most of the song lyrics show the section names in brackets, eg "[verse 1] etc. It would be great if there was an option to create the midi section file at the same time as the lyric midi file. When there is a new section label eg. [chorus] followed by the lyric line, eg “Country Roads”. The generator could show both lines and when you press space bar, the section midi file could add “Chorus” at the same time as the lyric file adds the lyric “Country Road”

This way, we can have both the lyric midi clips and the section midi clips to paste into DAW.

Thanks for your great work, Leo.

Hey @HoosierFarmBoy,

That’s a cool idea! I think other sites like Ultimate Guitar use a similar syntax to denote sections in the song. I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

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I might suggest putting an “Intro” midi clip at the start of the “section” track so that it is easily positioned in the track.

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