Add Requested Songs List

I use a Stream Deck and Stream Deck Companion so I can see my setlist of songs. I have created a page for “Song Requests” where I can queue requested songs.
Currently I use the Stream Deck companion software “Copy Button” feature to copy the requested song and paste it into the Song Request page. Then when I want to play one of the song requests, I go that page an select the requested song and then delete the button after the song is played.

I tried to program the stream deck button to copy the selected song variable into a custom variable (eg. req1) to keep the list. This doen’t work because, the custom variable changes every time the active song changes.

Bottom line. I don’t know if there are many other people that would like to have a feature in Ableset that would keep track of a list of requested songs, eg 5 to 10 songs since the queued song feature only handles one song. It nice to be able to select any on of the requested songs and not necesarily in the order requested.


That’s an interesting idea! It might be a bit niche to be implemented in AbleSet, but I’ll keep an eye on the votes for this post :slight_smile:

Thank you. I realize my use is a bit unique. You are fantastic.