Add Lyric colors with the Lyric Track Tool

Since it is time-consuming to add the colors of the lyric lines once they are in a midi track in Ableton, I thought the color tags could be added right in the lyric tool.

eg. After copying your lyrics into the lyric tool, select an area of the lyrics that you want to be a certain color. Select the color that you want from a button or menu. Select “Add Color to lyric lines” function. The selected color (eg. [teal]) would be appended to all of the lyric lines selected.

Then all of the selected lines would appear already with the color appended.
eg. [red] lyric line 1, [blue] lyric line 2

Then when you sync the lyrics to the music, the color tags would already be in the lyric line and no longer necessary to add individual color tags to midi clips.

With the new beta you can color lyrics clips using the Ableton color palette and flagging the lyrics track with +CC.

That’s a good idea, I’ll check how easy it would be to implement it!

As @mrdrennan mentioned, I’ve also recently implemented the ability for AbleSet to use the colors of lyrics clips for lines using the +CC flag. You can just select a bunch of lines in the arrangement and give them a color in bulk:

The current beta has a bug where changing the color of multiple clips at once only affects one line in the lyrics view, but I’ve already implemented a fix for that and will release it soon.

In the meantime, restarting AbleSet or reloading the project in Live is probably the easiest workaround if the line colors get out of sync with your clip colors.