Add [full] option in Lyrics Track to make all photos full screen

I am using a lot of photos of the artists in my songs for my Nursing Home shows for the residents. I want all the photos to show full screen [full]. If I had the option in the Lyrics track, then I wouldn’t have to add [full] to each photo. Don’t know it this is worthwhile for others.


That should be easy enough to implement, I’ve added it to my todo list :slight_smile:

I may be wrong in this but if I recall correctly, I am fairly certain that the [full] tag is on each photo by default for me. I add our sheet music for every song we do and I noticed yesterday that the full tag is already on each clip.

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@iamderkis you’re right, if you use the Lyrics Image Generator to create a lyrics track, then the [full] attribute is added to each clip by default.

I think @HoosierFarmBoy creates those lyrics clips manually because the images aren’t necessarily pages of a PDF but images that accommodate the song.

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You are right, Leo. I add jpg and png files manually to the lyric track.