Ableset Lock Setlist

Hi Would someone kindly assist me with the Ableset Lock tool?
Is there a way to make the Ableset play/pause buttons inaccessible on other connected devices? The ableset on the main device, will be the only one that can tap, edit, and move.

I’ve used the lock button, any other practical means.


Hey @Gaurav_Wavhal, welcome to the forum!

If you don’t want other devices to be able to control playback, you could set up a password for the web app. To do that, go to AbleSet’s settings menu and click on “Web App Password…”.

With this set up, any other device accessing AbleSet on the network can only view by default, but can’t control playback unless they enter the password.

I hope this helps!

Thank You Leolabs. This really helped out. Thank you so much.

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I’m glad I could help!