Ableset Features

Hi! I’m trying to do a few things it would be great if someone could help me out as I’m new to this

  1. When I enable the pre count on ableset & select lets say the chorus of the first song ableset also solos cleansine which made me think if I’d rename my cues to cleansine it would give me the pre count with the cues and it worked! but as soon as I plugin my playaudio 12 the click and cues are on channel 11-12 while I can see Ableton soloing both the tracks there’s no audio output that I can hear
    the audio kicks in when I the section starts after pre count . Other than this also it would be great if there would be a command that can make you hear the cue and click on the pre count feature as I do not want to create double cue tracks for everything!
  2. My machines are not working in sync so after a while the backup laptop goes to some other song while the main laptop is on some other song. I control my Ableset on wifi from my iPad the rig is behind my keyboard amp it would be great if I could get a solution to this! Apart from using the play function from the host port of play audio 12. The laptops are connected via a lan cable going into each other straight. I do not want to use midi through playaduio 12 host port as of now until its really necessary
  3. I entirely do not understand how to use ablenet it would be great if someone could help me out on it. I’ve already watched Leos video on it but still my Ableton project is doing the same thing do I completely need to disable abletons link feature? right now its at external in for my secondary laptop

Hey @Marcaimond, welcome to the forum!

Regarding your questions:

Click Tracks

AbleSet looks for the first track or group of tracks that contains the word “click” and soloes it and all eventual children. If you’d like your cues to be included in the count-in as well, you could create a track group called “Click & Cues” – or something similar as long as it includes “click” – and place your click and cue tracks inside of it.

It could look something like this:

CleanShot 2023-09-19 at 20.30.40@2x

Machines Not Syncing Properly

For AbleNet to work properly, you might have to disable Ableton’s own sync features since those might interfere with the way AbleNet syncs your two computers. When the two computers start going out of sync, could you open AbleSet’s setlist view on both computers and check if the song order is the same on both?

If they aren’t, there might be an issue with your network setup. You said that you connect your two computers directly using an Ethernet cable. Is your iPad connected to one of the two computers and if so, are you able to reach AbleSet on both computers from your iPad’s browser?

Generally, I’d recommend using a network switch or a router if you’d like to connect both of your computers as well as your iPad to AbleSet as this ensures all devices can properly communicate with each other.

I hope this helps and look forward to your reply!